Lecture in the Studio of Job Floris / Monadnock
KU Leuven campus Ghent
Binningen Terraces
with Vogt Landscape
Binningen Terraces
Binningen Terraces
achtung: die Landschaft
Can One Think of the City in Different Terms? A First Attempt
Book for Architects
gta Exhibitions
Book for Architects
Photo Stefan Altenburger
Book for Architects
Natural History Museum and City Archive
Natural History Museum and City Archive
Natural History Museum and City Archive
Natural History Museum and City Archive
Feldberg Apartments
Feldberg Apartments
Student Housing La Pala
with DOGMA
Student Housing La Pala
Earth Water Air Fire
The Four Elements and Architecture
Fondation Herzog
Fondation Herzog
House with a Tree
Photo Rolf Frei
House with a Tree
Concept / Idea with Pierre de Meuron
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House with a Tree
House with a Tree
House with a Tree
House with a Tree
Photo Eiko Grimberg
House with a Tree
Photo Eiko Grimberg / Rolf Frei
House with a Tree
Photo Rolf Frei
House with a Tree
Bildbau / Building Images
Swiss Architecture Museum
Bildbau / Building Images
Bildbau / Building Images
Photos Tom Bisig
Architecture and the Arts: A Pedagogical Interaction
Crematorium Hörnli
Crematorium Hörnli
City Tower
Vitra Design Museum
City Tower
Kindergarten Steinboden
Kindergarten Steinboden
St. Anthony
Photo Philip Schaub
News from a Post-Iconic World
Natural Metaphor
An Anthology of Essays on Architecture and Nature
Gymnasium Gaswerkareal
Gymnasium Gaswerkareal
Mountain Cabin
with Dino Simonett
Mountain Cabin
Mountain Cabin
Mountain Cabin
Photo Dino Simonett




We like places of authenticity. Fine tuned environmental, urban and programmatic differentiation enhances spatial identity. We value a building's expressive powers, but also its need to answer the subtleties of the pragmatic. Fostering social exchange and interaction, our architecture of the in-between should respond to both a communal and human scale. In each project, a specific assembly of rooms aims to create discrete backgrounds for life. Shaped by earth, water, air and light, our buildings seek to attune with the cosmic cadences and manifest their elemental forces. With the ease of a ruin we hope to bring the world to presence.  


Sauter von Moos is an architecture studio established in Basel, Switzerland, in 2010, by Florian Sauter and Charlotte von Moos. The studio engages in work on all scales, both in theory and practice.  




Charlotte von Moos


Dipl. Arch. ETH, collaborated with Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, where she was in charge of the VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein. She has been a teaching assistant of Valerio Olgiati at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, and currently teaches at ETH Studio Basel - Institute of the Contemporary City and Harvard GSD with Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron.


Florian Sauter


Dr. Sc. Dipl. Arch. ETH, worked with Christian Kerez on a series of competitions such as the Leutschenbach School in Zurich and the MoMA in Warsaw. Between 2006 and 2014 he co-edited the Architectural Papers at the Chair of Josep Lluis Mateo, and in 2011 acted as academic advisor for the retrospective Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture.





achtung: die Landschaft

Lässt sich die Stadt anders denken? Ein erster Versuch / 

Can One Think of the City in Different Terms? A First Attempt

Zurich: Lars Müller Publishers, 2015


> Earth Water Air Fire

The Four Elements and Architecture 

New York: ActarD, 2014


> Expression

Architecture and the Arts. A Pedagogical Interaction 

Zurich: Park Books, 2012


> Iconoclastia

News from a Post-Iconic World 

Barcelona: Actar, 2009


> Natural Metaphor

An Anthology of Essays on Architecture and Nature 

Barcelona: Actar, 2007





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cf. interview 'Cultural Space for Architectural Poetry', in architects+artisans, 5 Mar 2013

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> 'The Sun also Shines Today', in Natural Metaphor, pp 94-97




2015       Arc Award - Swiss Architecture Award (1st Prize 'Der erste Bau')

2015       Prix Lignum (2nd Prize Region Nord)

2015       Häuser Award (Distinction)




2016       Villa Hammer, Basel

2016       Panton Stube, Basel

2015       Kunsthalle Basel, architect-of-trust

2015       Binningen Terraces, invited urban study

2015       Feldberg Apartments, Basel, competition

2015       Student Housing La Pala, Lausanne, competition

2014       Natural History Museum and City Archive, Basel, invited competition

2014       Fondation Herzog, Basel

2014       Wasgenring, Basel, competition

2012       House with a Tree, Basel

2012       Crematorium Hörnli, Basel, competition

2012       Rue du Temple, Paris, France

2011       House of Youth, Zug, competition

2011       Boathouse, Vierwaldstättersee

2010       Kindergarten Steinboden, Eglisau, invited competition

2005       Parish House San Abbondio, Montagnola, competition

2004       Gymnasium Gaswerkareal, Biel, competition

2004       Chalet St. Anthony, Vierwaldstättersee

2001       Mountain Cabin, Samest




> holz, Messe Basel, 2016; contribution 'House with a Tree' (model 1:50)


Filmbau / Constructing Film, Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, 2015-2016;

contribution 'House with a Tree' (animation); cf. 'Swiss Architecture in the Moving Image',

42 min., 2015


architektur 0.15, Maag Hallen, Zurich, 2015; contribution 'House with a Tree' (animation), 'On Site: The Loggia' (short film, 10 min.) and 'Charlotte von Moos + Florian Sauter' (book)


Archivo/Italia, Archivo Diseno y Arquitectura, Mexico City, 2015-2016;

contribution 'Elemental Lessons' (text) as part of Salottobuono's 'Fundamental Acts'


Book for Architects, gta Exhibitions, ETH Zurich, 2015;

contribution 'Language creates Space' (installation)


Bildbau / Building Images, Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, 2012-2013;

exhibition design


Louis Kahn: The Power of ArchitectureNetherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam, 2012-2013; Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, 2013; National Museum, Oslo, 2013-2014; Design Museum, London, 2014; Taipei Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, 2015; Bellvue Arts Museum, Bellvue, WA, 2016; San Diego Art Museum, San Diego, CA, 2016-2017; Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX, 2017; contribution 'City Tower' model and academic advisor




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Dorota Ryzko

Martin Migeon

Venkata Sai Kumar Gurram

Micha Ringger

Hubert Holewik

Robert Schiemann

Aude Soffer

Piotr Latak

Georgios Papoulias

Matteo Venezian

Tania de Jesus

Ignacio Medrano

Sandro Elmer

Jonas Wirth



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